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Join thousands of people who take part in bat surveys every year for the National Bat Monitoring Programme.

Bat surveys involve counting bats and help the Bat Conservation Trust work out how bats are faring and identify changes in bat populations.You don't needed to have specialist skills equipment to take part with surveys suitable for bat beginners as well as experts.

Basic Bat Surveys

The simplest is the Sunset / Sunrise Survey which involves going out at sunset  to look out for bats and/or just before sunrise to look for bats 'swarming' at roost entrances.

Or, if you have bats roosting in your house, or you know of a local roost, you can take part in the Roost Count which involves counting bats as they emerge at sunset. (More advice on bat roosts in your house.)

Surveys with bat detectors...

Surveys with bat detector are a bit more advanced as you will need to use the bat detector to identify bat species.

The Waterway Survey which just requires you to count Daubenton's bats as they skim over the surface of the water. 

The Field Survey is for more experienced surveyors who are able to identify noctule, serotine, common pipistrelle and soprano pipistrelle in the field.

The National Bat Monitoring Programme run bat detector workshops for volunteers to help them improve their bat identification skills.

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